Hatred Behind My Soul

i don’t know how my life would be if i continue filling up my heart with all these stupid hatred, stupid failures and downs. my whole soul is surrounded by such a thing that i cannot describe. hard to define and hard to live with it. it feels so bad for me that whenever i argue with someone, something in me just wanted to blow or like burst out. i really hate that feeling. especially now, while i’m writing this, that’s the thoughts in my feelings. i hate my father now. i really hate him! i just want to cry in front of my PC but i don’t want to.
i know this isn’t a good story to post but i can’t help myself. oh yes! i’m such a bad girl. but my emotions and behavior often depends on the people around me so yeah. that’s it. I’ve had enough of him

One thought on “Hatred Behind My Soul

  1. If everyone forgets you,
    I am with you!
    If everyone lets you down,
    I am with you!
    If everyone betrays you,
    I am with you!
    But if everyone wants to see you happy,
    Then sorry, I am with them!!!
    (These are beautiful lines I’ve read early this morning)
    Never let your heart down , our heart is the most beautiful place where we can grow love.You’re the most beautiful sis'(beautiful to core of your heart)
    Lord is always with you.
    Check your mail.

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