The rubber poem

kissing is a habit
fooling around is a game
guys get the pleasure
girls get the pain

the guy says I LOVE YOU
the girl believed it’s true!
but when her tummy starts to swell,
he just said WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

5 hours of pleasure
9 months in pain
2 days in the hospital
and a baby without a name

the baby is a bastard
the mother is a whore
this wouldn’t happen
if the rubber was on

— i think i like it though i kinda disagree in the part that the “rubber” (condom) wasn’t used and blamed. it’s the people who did that mistake that should be blame. it’s their behavior that should be blamed. not the rubber

2 thoughts on “The rubber poem

  1. First and foremost it’s written very nicely….(whomsoever it is..).The main part is destiny…Things can even go wrong even if people take precautions…Life is really a closed box which doesn’t give any idea of what it has got with in it. Obviously then people await surprises which may sometimes not be as they really thought as…

  2. true! they don’t know what can be he result on what they’re doing. they just do this do that. blah blah. without thinking the possible result

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