Vengeance of Nature

to live is to care
to care is to love
to love is to share
and to share is to live again

leafy green trees,
air with warming breeze
water that silently sings
mountains standing after the sky.

those are the things that came from nature
nature that was made by God
God who is our Father
and The Father that loves us.

be with Mother Earth
protect her from the people who destroy nature
especially those illegal loggers,
who cut trees without permission

don’t you know?
how worst it can be
if it’s nature’s time to hit back
you wouldn’t know how long you can take it.

from cutting trees,
there are floods
from using products that release gases,
there are global warming

if it’s the nature’s turn,
you can’t do anything
be protective.
love. recycle. and save Mother Earth


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