The Printed Word

Nowadays, people find their interests on social networking sites. Browsing to the internet, finding blogs, and worst is searching answers for their homeworks.

They tend to read in front of the PC for them to find the best fitted answers, especially the teens! There are lots of search engines that can be used like Yahoo, Tattoodle,, and the most popular is Google. Yeah like what they said, why would they waste such time to read their notes if there’s internet waiting for them? You can’t remove the fact that it’s easier to find what you are looking for in different sites with just ONE CLICK!. See? one click! only one and poof, there’s the answer.

But the thing here is, why would their parents waste their money paying their expensive tuition fees and sending them to high standard and well-known university if they wouldn’t waste a single second touching their books? What’s the use of it? As display? Props? To make you look good? To impress? What?!

Books are made for us to look, to read, to evaluate, and to understand. It can help us to be inspired!
What’s more believable than a book? I pledge to read the printed word.


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