Falling for you

“i don’t know but, i think i may be falling for you
dropping so quickly, maybe i should keep this to myself
wait until i know you better

I am tryin’ not to tell you but I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hidin’ what I’m feelin’
But I’m tired of holdin’ this inside my head”

try not to spill it out
hold it on to tight
don’t ever let your words come out
or else you’re the one who’ll be sorry afterwards

unless, he feels the same way like you do
feelings you wished he knew
but what if..
what if he feels the same?
feels like heaven yeah!
and now you’re okay
holding each other’s hands
making such cute faces
having a heart to heart tense

but what if..
what if it all came to an end?
an end that will surely break your heart
and tear it all apart?
just like the same way before?

yesterday you were all that matters to each other
today it’s like nothing happened, doesn’t know each other
is that how it ends?

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