Number one Fan

why is that..
every time i see you,
i feel terrible, nervous, and irritated.
terrible because you saw me how i looked at you
nervous because i don’t know what were you thinking the moment you saw me
and irritated because i can’t explain the feeling that is running through my veins.
is that how love works?
i don’t think so
with you’re smile i’m all fine
my day is complete every time my eyes caught you
though you’re not talking to me or approaching me again, i can hardly say that i’m happy. I can’t forget the very first day that you talked to me. i was so shocked. and the moment when you pointed me (my friends said that they saw it) i don’t know what to say. but there is this girl… a girl who’s also attracted to you. she has the same interest and talent that you have too. in fact, you have common friends that’s why you have a picture together. honestly, i’m kinda jealous though i don’t have the right to be. it’s not love, it’s just admiration but how come i feel sad every time “she” is telling the whole class what had happened and what she had a moment experienced with you. I don’t want to think that anymore. I will always be just your number one fan
Because of you’re smile, i was developed. and for me, that will be you’re greatest piece

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