First year of experiencing the Field of Mass Communication

OCTOBER 4,2011 was a memorable date for me.
We held our first ever Awarding Ceremony in our Mass Communication subject. I just want to share what had happened that day.

FIRST: They gave certificates of participation in each of everyone
SECOND: I got the award of best in photography (this was unexpected. I didn’t expect it because my classmates are not complimenting my work like they did to others)
THIRD: My partner and I got the 3rd place for the best newsletter. Before I got my medal, there’s a story behind it. My partner (he made the LAYOUT) was the one who is recognized. That I didn’t expect too! From that moment, I was like “yeah” my time stopped. I didn’t know what to say because I’m the one who made and wrote the NEWS and STORY, yet I was the one who is not recognized! And guess what, our professor was not sure if she will give me a medal or not. But luckily, I received one medal and certificate (without name). Honestly, I was hurt! Badly hurt! Before we pass that project, I cried to my other friend because my partner is blaming for not sending him the banner (which is his work and not mine). And now, look, we have won the third place. I don’t want to be rude but I’m the one who made the banner, the name of our newspaper, and most of all I’m the one who made the story yet I’m not the one who is recognized. I didn’t said that I want to be the only one who should be recognized but what I want is that I should belong.
And now, I’m fine with it. Here’s some of my photography collection:

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