Pacquiao takes home the victory again

After 12 hilarious rounds of fight, Manny Pacquiao got the victory again over Juan Manuel Marquez!
It was an unbelievable fight for me. I didn’t expect Pacquiao will win against Marquez. Marquez was really good. In my opinion, between the two boxers, Marquez should be the winner. I’m a Filipino, and it hurts to say that, honestly!
In the fight, I didn’t see that Pacquaio gave all his best (though he gave his best) for me it wasn’t enough. I was very shocked when i heard that he was declared as the winner.
As I was watching the game, every time Marquez tries to get some point of him, he always get it. At the 8th round, I think? Pacquiao would have lost, that he don’t have the chance. And Marquez has a lot of chances in winning. In fact, the audiences, booed Pacquiao for not hitting Marquez.
I can’t believe Pacquiao won the fight! Still, it was a great fight! A very good one. Marami na naman siyang iuuwing pera sa Pilipinas. Hahaha!
Anyways, Congrats Manny Pacquiao for your successful fight! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!


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