I’m fooled and I know it!

Ever felt being fooled? It just hurts to know that the one you’re spending half of your time is also spending half of his/her time with someone else (though, he is giving his attention to you, yet it’s not just acceptable).

How does it feel when we’re together? Hell yeah! It feels like heaven.
And how does it feel when they’re together? Hell yeah! It feels like hell! Burning inside, wanting to blow outside.

He was with his ex-girlfriend that day. And I saw some pictures of them together. I know I don’t have the right to react this way because there’s nothing between him and I. WE’RE JUST FRIENDS. WE’RE MORE THAN FRIENDS BUT LESS THAN LOVERS.

The most interesting part of the story is that I know that I’m fooled, yet I still text him, and see him. But I know for myself that he’s not serious on me. And that’s the reason I’m not serious to him also. It’s just like the so-called FLING moments.
I shouldn’t be affected this much. Yeah. I’m not affected, I’m just irritated (Huh? Say what? Kinda confused. I’m affected, I think? It just shows on what I’ve just said. Hahaha)

What do you think? What can you say about this?


2 thoughts on “I’m fooled and I know it!

  1. Hi, dear… Trusting a person is a broad minded thing..But people generally misuse it..They think were are being fooled ..but actually they are fooling their own conscience..
    Never bother good people remain good even if the world comes upside down..

    All my life I’ve seen so many who have being fooling me, thinking that I am not aware of.
    But the truth remains that I know each and every one and still helping and caring for them..
    May call this stupidity or insanity but this is my nature..I believe that God is watching all this out there to settle once for all..

    The one strong reason I think is I throng for people and feel am a lonely person..trying to keep people bonded to me, though they have no time to spare for me or neither do they have any concern for me..
    Feeling our selves worthy and valuable can avoid these kind of cunning nature people out of our life..Hope this serves your purpose too..Take care dear.. May God guide you in every walk of life…Love you…My sincere prayers are always with you…

  2. I’m sorry to hear what had happened to you in the past. Yeah it hurts to know that someone is fooling you. And the worst part is that we knew what they’re doing but still, we’re letting them.
    I am glad to read your comment. Thank you for your prayers and time.
    I’ll pray for you too. May God Bless you my friend 🙂

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