Have you ever walked up to people and realized that they were just talking about you?

Knowing this could break you into pieces, right?

But have you ever thought that being the talk of the town can be considered as a compliment (only for those who are positive).

Imagine celebrities, I would say Famous celebrities (though not all of them), are dying to pay a publicist to write something good about them just to be the subject and one of the talks of the town. Why? Because they want to be famous. More famous that they are today. They want their names to fly everywhere so that more projects will come, etc.

If this happen to you, don’t frown. Don’t just sit in the corner and cry like a baby. Imagine that those people are always thinking of you. They are monitoring every single thing you do. That are watching the moves you’re doing. Don’t let them make you “The Misery Queen/King”. Take it as a challenge. A challenge to improve yourself and to prove them wrong (if they are talking about bad things).

Stand up tall. Chin up. And walk with grace.


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