The Notebook

This was the latest book I’ve read. I know I should have read this before because my friends said that the story was great. But then laziness came up to me and ignored it. But last week, I started to read it. At the beginning, I was so bored. But when the story goes, I find it interesting and worth reading. I didn’t have any regrets in finishing that book. I was so amazed and envy of the lovers in the story. Wishing I would have a love story like that which I can share with my children in the future. I was inspired by it so I’ll be sharing to you (if you still don’t know the story).

An elderly man telling a story to an elderly woman about two young lovers, Allie and Noah. They met when they were just teenagers. Allie who was just 15 years old then, fell in love with Noah, 2 years older than her. Their puppy love was not in favor of Allie’s mother. So they separated lives. They haven’t seen each other for 14 years. Imagine that, 14 years? Still they found the chance to meet each other again. But when the time they met, Allie’s engaged with a lawyer named Lon. It is only two days when Allie and Noah have their reunion. But with the short period of time, they fell in love with each other again. Not again, but their love didn’t change. Their love is forbidden obviously. So Allie was forced to choose between her fiance and her first love. She said there are two things she wanted. “First, I want you. I want us. I love you and I always have. But I also want a happy ending without hurting anyone. And I know if I stayed, people would be hurt. Especially Lon. I wasn’t lying when I told you I love him.” Guess who she have chosen? She left Noah to meet Lon.

The elderly woman has a disease of Alzheimer’s. So she can’t remember anything. As he said, Alzheimer’s is a thief of heart, soul, and memory. It’s hard to please. The elderly man was always beside her, to comfort her and to read the story of the two young lovers.  The story wasn’t finished, so the woman keeps on asking him who Allie end up with. One night when they were alone together, the woman said she knew who Allie chose, it was Noah. And she’s right. Allie requested to Noah that he writes the story of them in a notebook and when the time gets worse, he will read it to her every time they’re together. And Noah fulfilled his promise to Allie. That’s why every time they were together in the hospital, he has the patience to understand Allie. He reads it often to her. Until one time Allie remembered Noah as his husband.

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