Street Child.


This article should be posted yesterday. Unfortunately, the internet connection failed. That’s why I didn’t have the chance to share my experience.


So here it goes. Yesterday, while we were waiting for our food in a canteen, there’s a boy who approached us. At first, I thought he’s a street child because every time we encounter a kid like him, he’s asking for money or food. But him, he’s different. He sat with us on our table. And because of my curiosity, I asked the kid a lot of questions just to cut my curious mind. We asked him about his personal life including his family, his hobbies, and if he’s going in school. But looking at his happy and smiling face, I felt sad about the story he told us. He doesn’t go to school. This is what he said ” di ako nag-aaral” then we asked why and he replied immediately “wala kasi kaming pera eh” meaning they don’t have enough money to support his education.


By the way, his name is Raniel and he’s 9 years old. At that age, he never attended any school yet. He is very cheerful and looked happy in spite of their problems in life.


I was inspired by him. I just said to myself that “There’s a lot of people out there that don’t have the chance to have a formal education. And I, have a lot of opportunities to be in school. And I am so lucky of that” I felt so happy and glad because of that child.

Here’s the picture of him. Does he looks like a street child?

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