Not a perfect sister.

Ever since the girl was born, all she has to do is to make her parents smile. So, the older sister became jealous of her. Envy rose on her veins. The older sister became an evil sister. In short, she is the villain now in the story.

I admit it. I’m not a perfect sister. I am jealous of my younger sister just because she has all the attention in the house. I know that it’s a stupid reason to be jealous and envy. But I can’t help myself to feel that. Though I really want to, I tried many times. Sometimes I succeed but sometimes, not.  So, I end up hurting her. Not just physically (not that serious) but also verbally.

Just as what had happened an hour ago. We just had an argument because she didn’t want to do what I told her (just to put the her trash in the garbage) because I’ll wash the dishes. Before it all happened, we just hanged-out in the mall. We spent time together. Imagine, just the two of us, without our parents. Thought this would be a great night but I’m wrong. I made a mistake again. I don’t want hurt her. But how can I stop myself? Do I need to talk to someone?

I really need some help. I love my sister so much. And I don’t know if I can’t hurt her 😦


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