When you gave up a lot for just one thing.

You know the feeling that you were chosen to be one of the representatives of your college/course to compete with other students in the whole University in a Quiz Bee? Flattering, excited, happy and glad, right?

What if you were informed that you’re going to be a contestant 3 days before the contest and the other contestants were informed a week ago? And your college/course is the defending champion. Tensed and pressured, right? Of course, you’ll think you need to study hard for it to maintain the title that your college is holding.

But what if you were almost done reading the whole book, feeling excited to finish it because you wanted to rest with your mood high, and suddenly, someone sent you a message telling that your group is not the representative of your college anymore?

The title of the book is Understanding Psychology by Robert S. Feldman. Just search it if you want to see why I am acting like this.

Mixed feelings. That’s what I’m going through right now. When you gave up a lot just for one thing. In fact, I cried. Who wouldn’t? You gave up a lot of activities that you know you’ll have fun just because you need to study the whole night. I worked hard for it. After the day we were informed about the contest, there’s a party waiting for us in the other University. My friends were going and I’m the only one who didn’t come because of it. Another thing, my mother asked me to help her to arrange the designs in her classroom, yet I can’t go, because I need to study, again. It’s quite far from our dormitory. 2 hours from here to there.

Still, I’m frustrated. But It’s ok. Maybe it’s not for us in the first place. God prepared something better for us.


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