I saw you for like seconds, and it made my day.

That’s the status of every single person who is crushing on someone. Not only the singles, but also for the taken people out there. It feels great that with a single glance of your special someone will make your day complete, right? Feels like your in a paradise with him/her.

Since July this year, you caught my eye. Until now, you caught my heart.

I saw you for like seconds, and it made my day. I see you, you see me, and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. But that was before, when I met you personally on my birthday. You were introduced by a friend and likewise. For each day that I see you, I become unaware of my looks and etc. Yes, you are my crush before, but now, I’m not sure. But every time we meet at the bench, I can’t help but smile.

What more if we had a moment– but quick as a single snap? Saturday afternoon, my friend and I decided to go to the canteen to grab some lunch after a 5-hour class with 30 mins.break. And you were there, sitting on the bench, as usual. And then we saw our common friends. They went with us. And you came. I was shocked of what you did. I was talking to them and you held my wrist then you told something to me (I’ll keep what he said for myself). “Ang bilis ng pangyayari” that’s what in my mind that time. They were so happy about what had happened. But I think that’s it. We started as friends, and will end as friends. I don’t want to expect more, for I know it will just hurt me more and more.


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