Just because I’m alone.

Who says I’m lonely when I’m alone?

It doesn’t mean that being alone means loneliness. NO! What if I just want to be alone for some time? To reminisce?  To spend my “me” time? To look for something? To search for good things on my own? And what if I enjoy being alone? And that’s what makes me happy?

Sometimes, alone means happiness. Literally if we heard that word, first comes in our mind is loneliness and unloved which is true and normal. But not at all times, right?

Honestly, sometimes, I like more being alone. Not that I don’t want to join others but I just want to concentrate on my thoughts and what I am doing. In that way, I can finish all my work. Just as simple as that.

People often think that being alone means you are lonely. Do we have to be with somebody to be happy? To look good on the eyes of everybody? We don’t need someone to look good. But we do need someone to feel good. That’s why God is there.


2 thoughts on “Just because I’m alone.

    • No problem 🙂 You’re right that it’s feels happy when we’re alone, but sometimes, we need other to feel happier 🙂

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