RIP Whitney Houston.

One of the most popular singers in the world in her time until now– Whitney Houston. A singer that had touched many hearts because of her songs and her wonderful voice. She served as an inspiration to many people out there, especially the aspiring singers. And I was one of those who admired her when I was a child. Since I was seven years old, I sing her version of the greatest love of all.

It’s so sad to know that she was found dead without any clues what caused her death. Until now, according to the news, the police are still investigating the incident.

I remember when I was a child, I used to sing some of her songs. And one of my favorite songs, until now, is the Greatest Love of All. In fact, that was the theme song of my 7th birthday video cover. And every time I sing in videoke/karaoke, that’s the first song that comes to my mind. So my friends, family and relatives gave me a title. Every time we had a family gathering, they make it to a point that I will sing that.

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