Fan Girl

Ever since I read the Candy Magazine, I’ve always dreamed of being part of it, specifically writing for it. I’ve always wanted to visit their publishing house to know what the staffs are doing and how they spend the day in Candy. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I took this course. Now, I can answer almost all my questions. I had the chance to meet Miss Marla Miniano, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Candy Magazine. Finally! Thank God our professor gave our final requirement for him to interview one Broadcast Journalist and one Print Journalist. Honestly, the first person who came in to my mind was Miss Kryz Uy, a fashion blogger whom I admire. But unfortunately, she’s not in Manila for the whole month I think. And then Miss Marla popped in to my mind.

Miss Marla is a writer. She even wrote some books and one of her books is my favorite which is entitled as Table for Two. I love it soooo much! You won’t regret reading it.

I’m so grateful that she answered my e-mail message to her. She’s so nice, kind, approachable, easy-going, and pretty as well. When I finally saw her, standing in front of me, I can’t even talk properly for I was so nervous. Since I woke up this day, I can’t help thinking about the interview. I’ve been waiting for this day to come and now, we successfully met and talked to her personally. She shared some of her experiences in the life of a Candy Girl.

Until now, I can’t move on to what just had happened 4 hours ago. I even brought my favorite book that she wrote (Table for Two). Without any hesitation, I asked her to sign the book and she did it! AAAH! I’m such a fan girl. You can’t blame me for it. I admire her so much. And now, she serves as my inspiration.

To be a writer or a journalist does not mean that you need to study it and take courses related to it. Any course will do as long as you can write which is the main purpose of being a writer. Writers and Journalists are not made; they are born.

P.S. should have posted this last March 13. Unluckily, the internet connection failed. It sucks


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