Dreams do come true.

Back in my younger years, I’ve always dreamed of being a princess. To have a cute tiara, a beautiful face that many admire, an elegant long gown or dress, a perfect family, a Prince Charming, and of course, to live happily ever after.

Honestly, my favorite Disney Princess is Cinderella. In fact, I’ve always wanted to be like her. Though it’s kind of impossible to be true, in some ways, I felt being Cinderella and I became my own Cinderella. 11 in the morning this day is the presentation of the movies that every group prepared for the requirement of our major subject. Ours is Cinderella and guess what? I was chosen to take the role! I’m so flattered that they chose me. Thanks to our professor that she gave that kind of activity. Thanks to my classmates who chose me to do the part. And of course, thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to be like Cinderella. I’m so overwhelmed when they were waiting for our movie to be viewed. I never thought it’d turn that way. I’m so happy that they like the movie telling me it was great and always complimenting me. This is the first time I’m gonna post my picture in this blog and I hope it’ll turn good so here’s the cover of our movie 😉

And when I grew up, I realized that all of it was just a fairy tale that is impossible to happen, that every kid dreams of. But that doesn’t mean that my dreams may not come true.

You just have to believe it and you’ll see it.


2 thoughts on “Dreams do come true.

  1. You desrve all the lovely moments of life dear..Just keep trust in your dreams you are surely going to get it..May god bless you ..You are looking so beautiful indeed..

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