13 Reasons Why

What would you do if you received a shoe box full of audio tapes?

Tapes that belong to a teenage girl who just committed suicide. Creepy isn’t it?

Yesterday, I just finished reading it. How did I know about that book? Remember my post Little Miss Cinderella? That’s the reason, before we came up to the Disney story, I searched for books on the internet that’s good to be played. First that I found was Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. This book caught me, I wanted to buy that. I was so excited to tell about it to my group-mates and I was so happy when they liked the story so I had reason to buy it. But when I looked on different bookstore to buy the book, I can’t find one. One bookstore said that it’s out of stock already for it is one of the best-sellers (I don’t have any doubts on it so believe me, it’s a good story and I’m going to have that soon)! Second book that I found was 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Actually, before I saw this, I’ve seen so many book titles but this one gave me cravings. I was so excited that the bookstore I asked have it. And I was so lucky that I have it because it’s the last piece on that branch. But unfortunately, my money was not enough so I came back for it.

Back to the story of the book. It’s about a boy who received audio tapes from someone about a  girl who took her own life because of some failures of her life– which are the 13 reasons. This guy, Clay, is a very nice guy. Even Hannah said that everything he heard about him was good. No bad things about him that would ruin his reputation unlike hers. But why is Clay’s name on the tapes if he did nothing wrong with Hannah? Actually, he was attracted to Hannah but he don’t have the guts to tell her until she’s found dead.

Jay Asher made a success! I loved every bits of the story. It’s a suspense type. Honestly, the first day I read it, I was alone in our room in the dorm and when my roommate came in, I was shocked and my heartbeat’s rushing. If you are looking for a book, I’d recommend you this. Promise, you won’t regret buying this book. (It’s like I am endorsing Jay Asher’s book. Hahaha)


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