White Glue: Used as blackhead remover.

Spending too much on dermatology clinics just to get rid of those blackheads? Well guess what? I have discovered a new treatment for it that won’t cost too much! You can even find it in your children’s room.

As I was watching the latest episode of “The Doctors” on lifestyle channel, they showed a new home remedy for all those who have problems with their blackheads. And that is white glue. Yes, you can’t believe it huh? Me too! But they demonstrated it, and guess what? It worked! I’m so glad that they featured that topic because I know, many people, especially girls, are having problem with their blackheads and this is the right answer for it. If you want to know and see the results, try it at home! (I’ll try it later) 🙂


One thought on “White Glue: Used as blackhead remover.

  1. My mum told me NOT to use pore strips. They strip and enlarge your pores and do more harm to your pores than help.
    I would like to try lemon/honey though.
    i find this page, what you think about it, Blackhead extractor

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