I wonder how many girls he’s texting while he’s texting me.

How hard does it feel if you feel; the same way like what I feel this moment?

Feeling like the guy who always accompany you and texts you with those flirty messages and now, you’ve found out that he’s going out with your FRIEND! Very funny, right?

Honestly, I cried yesterday because of what I’ve seen and what I’ve known. I got home past 12 midnight and I slept 1:45am. I can’t help myself to think about what I saw. Though I know, in the first place, he’s not serious about what he’s doing, and I played his game. But there’s a part of me that can’t deny that I am affected. Why are boys like that? Now I wonder why they are good players!

Oh how I wonder hoiw many girls he’s texting while he’s texting me.

Yes, I know how many but not exactly ’cause I can’t count on my bare hands how many girls he’s flirting with. Dude, you’re not the kind of guy that I am dreaming to be with. In fact you are not my crush. People around me tells that you’re cute that’s why I was just going with the flow. Hey, don’t be too confident on yourself! But still, I am affected. Not because I am in-love with you but because I believed in what you have said. I tried my best to convince myself that I don’t believe in every words you said. But guess what? You succeed! You made me believe with your words.

I know it’s my fault also because I trust people immediately. That’s why, this happens almost all of the times.


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