An almost ruined day.

Last April 15, 2012, we celebrated my father’s 54th birthday. Before the day comes, I was thinking of what to wear for my blog and I was really looking forward to this day to be a memorable one. It became a memorable one but not in a positive way. Honestly, from the very start of the day, our morning was ruined by my little sister. As my mother said, this has been a habit of my sister– to have tantrums and act like a child before we leave. My sister succeeded in ruining our day, especially my father’s special day. Honestly, I’m not a good daughter but I can say that I am not like her. I got frustrated to her that day. It’s supposed to be a fun and happy day. But I was thankful that it didn’t last ’til the end of the day, but my mom and I were not in the mood.

We ate at the Mann Hann’s Restaurant at SM Megamall. Here are the photos of what I ate:

Ube Macapuno Cheesecake

Garlic rice with 1 pc. of Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet and Roasted Chicken

I didn’t take a picture of the buffet we ordered because the table is so small and I was not in the mood that time to talk because of what I’ve said earlier. The food was great. I really love their sweet and sour fish fillet. You have to visit their Resto!

And then, to cheer us up, like what my father always do when we’re on a bad mood, he asked us if we would like to take an ice cream. I almost said no because I am so full. But I couldn’t resist the taste of sweetness (though I’m not a fan of sweets). We went to DairyQueen or DQ for short, as we call it :)) What I always order, Mango with oreo. Yum yum yum 🙂

Sorry for the blurred image of it

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