SUMMER 2012: Bicol (Manhattan Beach Resort)

Summer is totally heating our veins. This time, we visited the province of Bicol. On day 1, we checked-in at Manhattan Beach Resort at Sto. Domigo, Bicol.
To start-up our day in Bicol, we were so lucky that bad things came first (but not that serious). I just didn’t expect that it’s not like some beaches in Manila. Hahaha silly me, that’s when I realized that I’m in Bicol where the Mayon Volcano is there.
The place is great and relaxing, but there are some things I didn’t like about the resort. First, I felt bad when we stepped out of it. Why? Because the crews there were not hospitable. Yes, there is one who’s kind of hospitable but not totally 100%. The waitress also served us with a grumpy face. So, you couldn’t blame my family and other people with us if they said bad things about it.

Second, I can’t say any compliments about their food. Why? Their food is so expensive for an ordinary dish like this. And, we found a small cockroach on the Lomi we ordered. Yikes! I didn’t take photos of other foods we ordered because I didn’t like their presentation (maarte ako when it comes to food). The Lomi is too salty, the bacon and cheese sandwich is too greasy.
I would definitely recommend the place, but not the food.

Bacon and Cheese Sandwich

Garlic Rice



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