French Baker.

Yesterday was a tiring day. Before we go to SM Megamall, we went to a Wedding first.
My sister and I didn’t want the same restaurant so we end up eating different food. Because she can’t decide what to eat, she ended at McDonald’s. And because I was craving for something sour with salty taste like cheese, I preferred at French Baker which is one of my favorite Bakeshops. I love their ham and cheese croissant, garlic bread, pizza, and lemonade. Unfortunately, what I wanted to eat was sold out, I opt to try something new.
Four Seasons
 I’ve never tried one of their pasta dishes before so I ordered this.
Actually, I forgot the name of this dish. Hahaha. I would like to say that I didn’t like this one. The sauce that they used for the pasta is similar with the Old Spaghetti House (which I don’t like too). I was expecting something really sour to fit my taste but then I realized, I was in a French Resto not an Italian. HAHA silly me 😀 But I like the taste of their chicken and it was so tender.

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