Dream High

What would you do if your dream is about to fade? Will you give up on it or will you chase it until you can hold it again?

20 minutes ago, I was about to finish the series “Dream High”. Because of this series, I was so inspired to reach and fulfill my dreams. To know what my real dream is and to know what’s the reason of that dream. Many times I’ve thought of becoming a writer in a Teens’ Magazine in our country that’s why I’m taking a course related to it.

“If you’re going to debut to repay your debts, to have a lot money. Then I’m against it”- when I heard this, it makes me feel guilty and so ignorant. Ignorant of the material things I kept longing for. Honestly, at first, I want to be in that magazine to be able to purchase what I want like what people I admire on blogs have today, especially on having a beautiful home and to be famous. It even made me asked myself “Yeah, why do I like to be there? What’s my reason? Why do I want to be like Go Hye Mi in the series- a girl that’s so talented, who can sing well and dance as well? To be known?” If that we’re my reasons, I came to think that I’m so ashamed of myself today. Longing for things that can be considered as “not-that-so-important-little things”. And then I realized that my dream is to be part of the Magazine, to produce a good story that can be called as my work of art, that many will be inspired.

I am so inspired, like what I’ve said earlier, from the story itself and of course, to the cast of characters. Because of their sincere love for music and their dream to perform on stage, they strive harder to be on top. I honestly and desperately wanted to be just like them. I’m not going to give up my dreams for some reason. I’m going to fulfill it though it’s hard as walking on thumbtacks barefooted.

Once you had a dream, don’t ever let go of it. Never deny, never ignore, and never be ashamed of it. Though there are lots of hindrances in pursuing your dream, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on it. That’s not even a valid reason. There are no dreams that are silly to be laughed at. And I believe that all things take time. As what Teacher Kang said in the series, people who receive good things by taking their time is worthwhile, and the people who waits their time to shine will be successful! And most of all, I learned from here that dreams may turn to reality!

I hope you’re inspired to as I am inspired! Dream High! 🙂


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