One Crazy Summer

What would you do if there are two guys, that turned out to be best of friends, are waiting for your answer?

Who would you pick?— The super cute guy slash always there for you, who is your all-time secret crush that is flirting with you or the boy next door who always makes your life miserable and has a secret of his own?

Tania is just one step away to make her cooking career takes off! So, she made it to a point that she would do everything to have another chance and to discover what she really wants to do in the real life world. She went to Negros to have her internship for the coming Fiesta, if I’m not mistaken (sorry if I’m not kind of sure there because I read it few months ago). And then Mateo showed up in the picture! It turns out that the Dizons, who Tania’s working with, are his relatives! And there he is again to ruin Tania’s life! But aside from that, before they went to the province, they went to Mateo’s birthday party, and there was Rob, confessing to Tania about what his best friend feels about her! OMG! Kilig Vibes much! But the problem is, Tania likes Rob not Mat.

Who do you think Tania ended up with?

When I read this, I was so kiliiiig! I can’t help but smile and giggle and squeaked and oh yeah. That’s too much! I can’t express how I feel now when I’m writing this. Hahaha! It feels like every bits of kiligness comes back to make me smile like when I’m in love! I assure you that though you are not in a relationship, if there’s a break-up or rough road going on between you and your special someone, you will definitely feel that you’re like in heaven, in love with an unknown guy/girl.

If you want to fall in love this summer, you have to read this book. I gladly recommend it to you! You won’t regret on spending your time with it. And it won’t hurt your wallets! It cost only 150 pesos! That’s cheap enough for a wonderful and must have reads! 🙂


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