Give sweets for Mommy!

Last June 12, 2012, we didn’t just celebrate our country’s Independence Day but we also celebrated my Mom’s advanced birthday celebration. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s my post about it 🙂

And what I’ve posted today is the actual celebration of her birthday. Because its Wednesday (June 13,2012), we went to Baclaran Church to attend a Novena Mass. Going to Baclaran every Wednesday is a must for us especially if it’s first Wednesday of the month. Filipinos have this tradition/belief about it. So after the Novena Mass, we ate at the nearest Restaurant there which is what we preferred more compared to other restaurants there– Max’s. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before.

The actual plan was to eat at SM Megamall to have more choices but the time is running fast that it’s late in the evening already. My mom,sister, and I have school the next day so we need to get home early and we ended up eating there. Here’s the desserts that we ordered:

This is a brownie with vanilla ice cream and stick-o on top. I forgot the name of this. Sorry.

This dessert is one that you couldn’t resist especially if you’re a sweet lover! I’m not a fan of sweets but i liked it!

Leche Flan

Buko Pandan Regular

This is my favorite! Ube Creme Decadence

Like what I’ve said earlier, I’m not a fan of sweets but this dessert made my tummy happy! 🙂 The taste is so good! I love how the sweetness and other flavors balanced each other. A definitely must try!


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