Luwalhati ng Maynila Boys Town Complex

Yesterday, July 29, 2012, we went to visit in a boys town and home for the aged in Marikina, City to do an Outreach Program. That was my very first time to go in that kind of place and to participate in the outreach program.

When we got there, honestly, I felt irritated because of the bad weather and the mud on the ground. But when I saw the people that live there, I felt so guilty for being such an arrogant person.

Here are some of the LOLOs and LOLAs that we met and accompany there.

If you watched Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 (the batch of Pamu, Divine, Paco, Biggel, Tin Patrimonio, Slater Young, etc.), you could remember this couple 🙂 I forgot their names. Hahaha but you can search it on the internet. They’re like teenagers :”>

The hippie and fashionable LOLAs

This is Lolo Ben Dela Cruz.

He said that he came from Tondo, Manila. I was so touched by his story and felt bad because he said that his child was the one who brought him there. His relatives seem not to care about him now, why? Because if they still cared, they would have found him and get him out from the boys town. He really wants to go home and see his family but it’s so complicated for that to be possible. When our facilitator asked each of them what their prayers/petitions were, he didn’t say any because he said that if he mentions one, he’ll just cry 😥

If you know him or at least familiar of his face, please tell his family about him

Lolo BEN DELA CRUZ, 42 years old, from Tondo Manila

This is Lola Natividad. She said that she came from Bohol, far from Manila right? And we wondered how she got there. She is so nice. We chatted most of the time and that I knew she was single and the only relative she mentioned to me is her brother in Mindanao.

She was the one who asked the Social Welfare to get her because her boss at her work wasn’t treating her well. And that’s why she’s at the boys town now.

She said she wanted to see her family and relatives. All she wants is that for her relatives to know that she is there.


And the last one is Mrs. Mendoza. I was shocked when I heard that she is only 42 years old! She is so young to be there. My mother is older than her.

She said that she’s from Cebu and went to Manila to find a job that’ll support their family. She once had a stall at Divisoria. But the DSWD caught her sleeping at the streets that’s why she is there now. Like Lolo Ben, when we asked her petitions, she didn’t want to tell one because she’ll just cry. But she whispered to my classmate that all she wants is to get out of there and see her family. The problem is, she needs 500,00 pesos in order for her to go back to her family. I didn’t know that going out of the boys town will cost too much– honestly, I didn’t know that the elders need to pay before going out.  She said that “Ayokong magsalita kasi maiiyak lang ako. Hindi alam ng pamilya ko na nandito ako kaya nga suma-sideline ako ng laba para makaipon. Pero mukhang imposible na makaipon akong 500,000 sa paglalaba lang. Ang alam nila nagtatrabaho ako sa Maynila tapos malalaman lang nila na nandito ako ngayon”.

Translating that, her family still doesn’t know that she is there. They know that she is working in Manila. And she needs 500,000 pesos to get out there. Honestly, I don’t know why they need to pay such amount for them to be with their families. What are they, criminals? (If this is true)

 Mrs. JEAN/JANE MENDOZA, 42 years old, CEBU

PS. The information about the bailing amount didn’t come from me. The woman told that to us. Maybe she meant that she needs to earn that amount before she goes back to her family, for her transportation and other expenses she’ll need. Or maybe she wasn’t aware of what she had mentioned about the money.


16 thoughts on “Luwalhati ng Maynila Boys Town Complex

  1. You asked why 500,000. I suggest you find out. If you are with ABS-CBN you have all the resources to do that. Then, post it so that we would know. Thanks.

    • I don’t have the capacity to find out why there should be 500,000. If I do have, then I wouldn’t be posting that and be curious about it. I don’t belong to ABS-CBN, I’m still a student. Sorry

  2. About the story of Mrs. Mendoza… i don’t think she meant that she needs to pay the institution P500,000 to be released… i am assuming though that this is the amount that she needs to raise before she goes back to her family… please don’t get me wrong… that kind of remark might create a bad impression… let us be fair to the management and staff if Luwalhati ng Maynila by thinking objectively… thanks

    • Oh yes sure. I understand. But that’s what I heard from her so no need to worry 😉 I was shocked too when I heard that. I can’t believe it too

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  4. Hi Ma’am!

    This is Betina Reyes. I just want to ask if can I copy your pictures
    on your blog entry about Luwalhati ng Maynila? Me and my friends are
    planning to do a project there for the whole year of 2014. In this
    regard, we would be needing pictures to make a powerpoint presentation
    to easily lay down this project to other people that might have the
    heart to support us on this.

    I am hoping to have your positive respond.

    Thank you so much, Ma’am.

    Blessings and a lot more favor,

    Betina Reyes

  5. Good day!

    This is April Enciso. I would like to ask a permission from you if we can use your pictures as part of our reference for our next activity within our company. To be honest with you, we really are touched with your article and this indeed inspired my colleagues in reaching out those who are in need especially with these people. Rest assured, we’ll be acknowleging your information so that others will also see your page. 🙂

    Thank you very much in advance for your kind consideration! God bless you!


    April Therese E. Enciso
    Vice President
    EP Fan Club
    ePERFORMAX Contact Centers & BPO
    7th Floor, BPI Buendia Center
    Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati, Philippines 1200
    Tel. +63 2 490 2288 extension 6701

    • Sure sure that’s not a problem! You can use those, i’m glad to help you! 🙂 It’s nice to know that there people like you that still wants to reach out some help. I’d love to hear the outcome of your activity soon! God bless 🙂

      • Thank you very much! Have a great week! 🙂


        April Therese E. Enciso
        Vice President
        EP Fan Club
        ePERFORMAX Contact Centers & BPO
        7th Floor, BPI Buendia Center
        Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati, Philippines 1200
        Tel. +63 2 490 2288 extension 6701

  6. Hi! Will you let me know the details as to how to contact them? I’ve been trying their landline but it just keeps on ringing. Thank you!

  7. Hello! Thank you for sharing this post. I would like to ask permission to use your photos. We will also have an outreach there on April 23. We want to gather more funds to make the elders happier. Thank you in advance. Katie here, events organizer of LJG Philippines.

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