Dinner at Luk Yuen

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I had so much fun with my mom and little sister. Unfortunately, my dad wasn’t able to come because of his overloading work 😦 I’m so happy that I had to buy some clothes yesterday. Oh my! I love going to Greenhills! It’s like you’re in a fashion haven with little prices waiting for you.

We ate at Luk Yuen in Greenhills.

Here’s what my sister ordered: FISH BENTO

I tried the fish fillet and it was so good! And the quail egg siomai, delicious!

Beef with Kangkong

My mom and I shared with this dish. The serving is so big that 4 persons can finish it all. But like what I’ve said earlier, my dad wasn’t with us so we’re only three and we can’t eat this all :O

Yang Chow

The serving is also big for a two person. It’s good!

I don’t know what dish is this. Haha but it tastes good. Sweet. With monggo filling

Look at this picture. Too bad the focus was not on the quail egg siomai 😦 The focus was on the sweet dish on the upper right corner.

I absolutely love their mango juice!

And their Iced Tea. It’s so refreshing!

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