Human Condition

How would you feel if your work was ignored by others? Ashamed, sad, mad, angry, down, right? Say all the negative emotions possible.

It might ruin your whole day because no one appreciated your effort. It really hurts when they ignore your masterpiece.

But how would you feel if your work was applauded by others? Happy, glad, joy, and everything that is opposite in the first sentence, right?

Last September 13, 2012, we had to present our Radio Drama in class. Each group has prepared their own Drama. In our group, I was the one who wrote the script, and believe it or not, I was also chosen as the lead of our drama.

Just to give you a little idea in our drama: It’s a love story of two persons who gave their all for the other one. The guy did everything for the girl, of course , that’s at first when he was courting her. But as time passed, he cheated. The girl was so happy when guy confessed his feelings for her because the moment they met at the party, where Carlo(the guy) knew her name without introducing herself, her heart jumped with joy. But the girl died because she has a disease. I want to tell the whole story but it might bore you to read because it’s kinda long.

I thought they wouldn’t like our work because I’m not good at acting so I worried a lot. We’re the first group among them but we were the last one to present because the order was reverse so the last group presented first that made me nervous each second that passed.  Luckily, when the time comes that our group’s term, I can’t express how I am feeling that time. They liked it! In fact, our group was the only one that our Professor complimented. The other 3 groups got a negative comment from her, but us, we got compliments. She even told our class that we were the only group who touched the Human Condition. And the audience (our classmates) really felt like they were the one in the drama. Some were kilig, some were mad at Carlo (the guy main cast), and some cried. I really never thought that they would be affected that much to my work. The moment I saw and hear them while listening to our drama, I felt so thankful and overwhelmed. Honestly, that time, I felt like I was a PRO and professional in script writing. Hahaha

I just want to share how I am happy to you guys. Thank you Lord for guiding us! 🙂


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