please be good

Time out for an outfit post or anything related to fashion, this time I will post about new year.

In a few hours, we will be facing another new year to live with. Yes, we have to celebrate because what others say about the end of the world didn’t come true. Here we are, breathing, so let’s live our lives to the fullest.

2012 has been quite good for me, though. Yes, QUITE. I was really expecting that 2012 will be my luckiest year, but I was wrong. I thought I will experience all the great things this year— that my birthday will be on 12-12-12, that my debut will be close to perfect. But guess what? All of those were turned down. I can say that my birthday this year was close to perfect, and that I can thank for but at the end of my special day, my phone was lost. Tanga ko noh? And about my debut, I don’t want to say this but I have to, to free my will. My debut was a perfect disaster. Sorry. I know I’m so bad to say that, not to appreciate what my parents had spent for that one night. But I do appreciate what my friends and classmates did for me. Another thing I hate about it is that 2 of my best friends in high school didn’t show. Thinking that they were really so close and special to me. You know what? When it comes to other debuts, they find time to come. But when it’s my turn to celebrate, they find excuses! How great was that!

Okay, the reason I made this post is to share how I felt about the year 2012. New year will come and I want to leave all of my hatreds this last few hours and never bring it on 2013. But I guess it’ll be hard for me to do that. o guys, you know what to do. Don’t be like me. Hahahaha

DSC07582 copy 2

This is the year to make better memories. I wish you a good and  Happy New Year! 🙂


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