Manila Boyshome

Nothing can replace the happiness you gave to others instead of others, giving happiness to you.

In life, it’s more than having what you want, it’s about how you share what you’ve got. Remember my post about Boystown before? Last February 3, 2013, we had the chance to visit the place again, but this time, we were assigned to Manila Boyshome (boys below 16 years old). Our school is one of the charity holders (I don’t know what’s the right term, just mind the thought. Haha sorry) of Manila Boystown. Our school makes it to a point that students and faculty members will visit them regularly– to bring goods such as food, toys, clothes, and other personal needs. Aside from bringing material things, care brought us there.

We came to have a seminar as part of our NSTP subject which is community service. It’s really crucial for us because we’re the first team assigned that day. The first activity of the day is assigned to us so the tendency is that, we will set the impression. Go us! Hahaha

So much for that, the pictures below will tell the story 🙂 By the way, I had these photographs because I am one of the documentation committee.

IMG_2212 copy

IMG_2090 copy

When the kids entered the room, JM caught my attention. I was shocked at his appearance because his face is swollen. I really want to ask this kid what happened but I was thinking that he might be offended and break out crying so I just took him a picture but it feels awkward for me (and for him, also) to snap a shot at him because I don’t want him to think that I am making fun of him like other kids in the room did.

IMG_2097 copy

The way they prayed 🙂

IMG_2099 copy

Meet Roger. My eyes widened when I he told me that he’s 15 years old already. Honestly, he’s small for a typical 15- year old.

Can you guess what are they doing?

Yup! They’re doing the Gangnam “Boystown” Style. Hahaha. Cute! 🙂 We all laughed when they danced this because we should be doing an exercise routine led by my classmate but when they heard the song Gangnam Style, they all danced and we can’t stop them from dancing until the music stops.

IMG_2100 copy IMG_2104 copy IMG_2166 copy

I really love this picture because for me, it tells a lot of story. In this photo, they are playing “The Earth is Sinking” in which they have to group themselves and be able to stay in a small sized manila paper (like in a paper dance).

IMG_2191 copy IMG_2210 copyIMG_2260 copy

Little boys eating happily

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