Valentine’s Gift

Without pain, how could we know joy?— The Fault In Our Stars

If there’s one person who never fails to make me smile, it’s him that’s putting a curve in my face. The last time I received a Valentine’s gift from a person that is really special to me (of course all those people who gave me gifts are special too, but there are some people who have a special place in my heart) was when in high school, from my ex-boyfriend. I had gone through so many pains in my life before he came in to my life “again”. They say that before we meet our happy ending, you will have to pass through the fire and that fire symbolizes the pain.

Every February 14, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, love letters, and other things that has significance in love are everywhere. You will see couples anywhere you look. Honestly, I am so envious when I see a girl holding a bouquet of flowers or couples having cheesy moments because I have no one to do that with 😦 BUT, there is this one guy that made my heart jumping in joy in Singles’ Awareness Day AKA Valentine’s Day, it’s my childhood friend slash crush slash escort.

He gave me a book by John Green, a cute pink teddy bear, a quote from the bible (he said that it was handed by a group of boys for him to give to me), and a one stem pink rose. I was so surprised that he bought the book I am eyeing ever since I’ve heard the story of it. I was really expecting that he will buy that book, but what I didn’t expect was that he will give it to me on the Day of the Hearts.

As you go along to the pictures, you will see highlighted lines from the book. Read the story below 🙂

DSC08740 copyDSC08738 copy

sometimes people don’t understand
the promises they’re making when they make them,” i said.
Isaac shot me a look. “right, of course.
but you keep the promise anyway. that’s
what love is. love is keeping the promise anyway. don’t you believe in true love?”

― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

I posted this quote on my Facebook wall. The person who first liked it is the person who gave this book. When he handed me his gifts, I was curious why the book’s opened already. I thought it’s just because he wanted to insert the rose in the book. It took me by surprise when I saw that along the page where the rose was placed, is a highlighted line in pink. When I read it, the line is exactly the quote I posted on Facebook. Talk about effort! It really made me “Aww” :”>

DSC08746 copyDSC08743 copyDSC08753 copy DSC08758 copy DSC08759 copy DSC08761 copy DSC08766 copy DSC08772 copy DSC08781 copy DSC08791


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