Chef’s Quarter

One thing I notice about Restaurants is that they have their own taglines. For today’s post, I will share you my great experience in Chef’s Quarter.

We celebrated my father’s 55th birthday in this restaurant and I would say that it’s one hec of a grand restaurant that will serve you impeccably delicious foods! Did I just use the word “impeccably” to describe it? I think I did! The reason I did that is the foods they serve taste like heaven. Now that I’ve met you, you’re one of the Top of the list of my favorite Restos in Manila.

Their dishes are a bit pricey but you will not regret on giving your wallet a general cleaning. Hahaha. As what I’ve said before, each restaurant has their tagline and I was not surprised to see Chef Quarter’s tagline: “A Family Restaurant where the only thing expensive is your taste”— ’cause what’s stated there will satisfy you.

When it comes to the interior design, I really loved it. Another thing I loved here is that the service crews are the best! They are very approachable, hospitable, and friendly. Those are enough reasons for me to come back.

You must visit them and try it yourself! Chef’s Quarter has a branch at SM Megamall.

DSC00165 2DSC00167 2DSC00198 2


Roasted Chicken

Their roasted chicken is the best! Tastes like heaven. Ooh La La!

DSC00170 2DSC00171 2

Fish and Chips

One of the best fish fillets I’ve ever tasted!

DSC00172 2DSC00180 2DSC00181 2DSC00187 2DSC00188 2

I don’t have a picture of their Lemonade. It’s very citrus-y and yummy!

Mango Shake

And this shake is just too refreshing. Perfect for summer

DSC00189 2DSC00190 2


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