Will Grayson, Will Grayson

What would you do if you met a person with the same name at a wrong time in an awkward place?

Definitely, I would slightly freak out when that happens but I will be surprised when I had met a person with the exact name as I have.

Well, this is what had happened to Will Grayson. He met another Will Grayson at a porn shop! The first Will Grayson was there because he wanted to try his fake ID that says he’s already 21 years old (he use that for concerts, bars, etc.that only adults are allowed), while the second Will Grayson was there to meet someone he’s chatting with named Isaac that turned out to be his friend Maura who really likes him.

On the fist few chapters of the story, I thought it’s the same Will Grayson but no. That’s why I was so confused when I was on the chapter when the two Will Grayson already met. I thougt they don’t have only the same name but same name of friends. Let me tell you, the other Will Grayson is gay and I’m kind of annoyed to that character (not because he’s gay but because he hurts people that cares about him especially my favorite character, Tiny Cooper. I really love him. As stated on the book, Tiny Cooper is “the world’s largest person who is really, really gay” and “the world’s gayest person who is really, really large”. It really made me smile. And the part that made me laughed is when Will Grayson (the straight guy) and Tiny Cooper was in a bar with Jane to watch their favorite band but turned out to be a hilarious and not so good band compared to the band they came for. When Will Grayson found out that it’s not the band they wanted, he shouted in the middle of the crowd calling Tiny. I don’t want to include the exact words because there’s a bad word there. But really, it’s funny. I can’t forget that part. Hahahaha 🙂

DSC00499 2


This story will definitely make you laugh and cry! I really enjoyed how it is. John Green and David Levithan are so cool. They are both amazing authors!

Click this if you want to enter the different world I have 🙂


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