A Bend In The Road

a bend in road

Love does not choose people, nor choose the time to be fallen in love. But love does only one thing— connecting two persons in an unexpected time.

Miles Ryan’s life was a mess after her wife— Missy Ryan, died in a tragic incident. She was hit by an unknown driver, which still, is not yet known. Miles is a Sheriff at the County. Two years have passed but Miles still doesn’t know who is responsible for Missy’s death. It haunted him for two years. Until he met Sarah Andrews, Jonah’s teacher.

They met when Sarah asked Jonah to bring his father at school to talk. Months have passed and their relationship becomes deeper. They fell in love with each other. Two years, Miles have been brokenhearted, and now, Sarah made his heart whole again. But there is one thing that led their relationship to a rough road. Miles knew who Missy’s killer is— Brian Andrews— the brother of his girlfriend.

Miles was so angry, full of hatred. But in spite of the information he got, he didn’t let Brian to be in jail. He talked to Brian and said that no one should know what had happened, what he did, even the persons close to him, people he will meet in the future including his wife to be and his children. And that, Miles and Sarah got back together happily with Jonah.

Nicholas Sparks is really a master when it comes to novels. I don’t know but, there is something in his skill that is so unique.

One thing I noticed in his novels is that he often uses the same names such as Jonah– and that I knew it’s the name of his son. Cool huh? Well, at first I thought it was Sarah who killed Missy when I read the plot in the back cover of the book. But as I read the story, I knew it’s not her but it’s related to her. When Miles met Sarah’s family, that’s when I knew who’s responsible for Missy’s death.



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