The Bamboo Story

Once there was a bamboo standing so strong. Behind him is a dull garden that needs to be improved.

One day, a gardener visited the bamboo and talked to it. The gardener said “Bamboo, may I move you to another place? So that I can fix the garden”. But the bamboo said “No, can’t you see I am planted here so firm?”.

The gardener asked again “Bamboo, may I just remove the leaves on your body?”. The bamboo answered irritatingly “Of course not! If you do that, you will ruin my beauty!”. The gardener was so confused and doesn’t know what to do to convince the bamboo be out of that place. He then, asked again if he could just cut him into two. The bamboo was so shocked about what the gardener had said. The bamboo answered infuriatingly “Are you nuts?! If you do that, you would kill me!”

The bamboo left the gardener with no choice. What the gardener did is that, he made the bamboo as a gutter instead to water the whole garden. After what the gardener did, the garden became more beautiful than before. It also became more progressive.


The garden is the people around you

The gardener is God

The bamboo is you


The priest asked that if that’s the case, are you willing to give up everything for Jesus to make everything right?


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