Is it Wrong to be Right?

What would you do if you’re stuck in a situation where being right means wrong to someone?

There has been an argument about the privileges of senior citizen in every service they want. Here in the Philippines, there’s a law stating that every senior citizen must accommodate a 20% discount on services such as in food chains, transportation, etc.

A senior citizen waiting for her purchased medicine in a drugstore

A senior citizen waiting for her purchased medicine in a drugstore

Photo source

Romulo Macalintal– a well-known lawyer in the Philippines

Photo source

If you’re familiar with the issue about Romulo Macalintal– a well-known lawyer in the Philippines— then you’re head would probably heat up. A restaurant where Macalintal and his wife went at, ignored the senior citizen act  that made him incensed.


This is not the very first time that a senior citizen experienced this kind of treatment. I’m sure there are lots of aged people who have experienced it too. But because Macalintal is a political figure, he is brave enough to complain this in front of the whole Philippine nation.


Actually, there is nothing wrong with what he did because he is right. In fact, it is truly, madly, and deeply right. Macalintal served as the voice of many senior citizens who were in the same place as his before. This is the time that the government officials should be more aware of what’s happening around them. Or, maybe the government officials know about it but don’t do something? It could be the case, but why? Why will they enforce a law and not punish those who disobey them.


It is very unfair for a senior citizen to be treated that way. Who would want to feel that anyway? To be honest, I am very happy that the restaurant owners where put into their place. Now I can say “Buti nga sa kanila. Nakahanap sila ng katapat”.

There are many restaurants that don’t recognize such law, even some PUV drivers and conductors, especially the jeepney drivers.


Personally, I have already experienced that several times already. Aside from senior citizens, there are also discounts for students like me, and that includes transportation fares.


There was this one day when I witnessed an incident where a college student complained that some dispatchers in Morayta are not allowing them to have a student discount because it’s Saturday. When he’s asked by the dispatcher to give another peso and said that they still have a student discount even in Saturdays and Sundays, the dispatcher said, “Walang discount ‘pag Sabado”.


Recently, there’s a debate whether to give 20% discount for students and senior citizens in weekends. Jeepney drivers were against it because there are oil price hike of at least every month. But the House of the Representatives decided to make the House Bill No. 90, authored by Senator Juan Edgardo Angara when he was still a Congressman (Lone District, Aurora), explaining that students must receive 20% discount not only during school days but also during Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas vacation, and other holidays during a school year.

But it turned out that some dispatchers are not aware of it, or worst, ignoring it.

Visit this site to see this article. PS. it’s still me who wrote it 🙂

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