Making love: A sign of love?

Even you’re head over heels in love with your partner, is it really necessary to engage in sex? Do you honestly believe that making love is a sign of love?

Sex is normal to couples. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you’re wearing the best protection—a wedding ring. Yes, it is true that making love is a sign of love because for two persons who are very much in love with each other, they tend to show their love and affection through it. Some even say that love can’t be expressed by words only that’s why they express it intimately.

In this generation, teens and young adults may be predominantly Catholic, but chances are, the concepts of sex and intimacy are no longer off-limits to them. But what really makes people give up their virginity? Is it really the love or just the lust?

Maria, 22, said that “we both didn’t consider it as just sex. For us, it was love-making. It was a beautiful thing for both of us because we trusted each other completely. To this day, we’re still together”.  While Aaron, 20, said that “we both thought about it for a really long time. We didn’t pressure each other. We felt that the other person was special enough to be worthy of sharing our first time with. You can’t regret an experience that was happy.” To sum it up, the two persons think that it was love for their partners that made them do it. (Source: Candy Magazine, January-February 2011 issue)

Is love enough to be the reason why you’d be willing to give up your virginity? I guess, no because that love can make or break you. Yes you feel the assurance with your partner but that moment can wait, right? If you truly believe that you’d want to do it with your partner, then all you have to do is wait for the right moment for it to be perfect.

But when is the right moment? For some people, they believe that the right age to engage in that activity is above 21, but I say, the right moment is when you are already married.

Engaging in such activity at a wrong time may lead you to regrets. Like what I’ve said earlier, love can either make or break you.

Recently, there has been an issue that struck the Filipinos—Parokya Ni Edgar’s lead vocalist, Chito Miranda was involved in a scandal with his girlfriend Neri Naig (also an actress and was part of the Star Circle Quest of ABS-CBN in 2004). The video became viral as it spreads instantly. Chito have already apologized publicly. He said that he’s sorry for what had happened because of the leakage of their private video. He also said that someone stole his hard drive and put their video online. They’ve been a victim of cyber-bullying. Because the Filipino netizens are very sensitive and reactive, some gave their violent reactions online, but some also showed their support.

A post of Chito Miranda on their band’s (Parokya Ni Edgar) Facebook Fan Page saying “Di niyo kami matitinag”

Fans of PNE, especially Chito Miranda’s supporters showed their endless support and love for him

Fans of PNE, especially Chito Miranda’s supporters showed their endless support and love for him

Pictures taken from:

I have nothing against Chito but I think what they did was wrong. I don’t understand why people need to video their private intercourse. Some psychologists say that there are people who find satisfaction when they see themselves doing such and I think, that explains why they have to take a video of it.

Parokya Ni Edgar has been in the industry for more than a decade and they have contributed a lot when it comes to music. The issue really affected the band but like what Chito said “Buti nalang walang iwanan sa Parokya.” I believe that this one issue should not be a reason to judge Chito and Neri. They have already received many criticisms because of what happened but to say something harsh and below the belt? I think it shouldn’t be tolerated.

In the Philippine showbiz industry, this is not the first time that something like this happened. If you’d remember, Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili were also involved in a scandal issue that led them to court cases. But now, look at them, they are both already moved on. Katrina is happy with her partner, Kris Lawrence, and their baby.

According to some experts, for them to avoid this kind of issue, they should not do it in the first place because, if there’s no video, then there would be no scandal. But if they really can’t help it, they should secure their things properly.

We can’t stop struggles come in our lives but I know it will end and time will heal it. Every person should be accountable on what he or she is doing. Before we do something, we should think twice and know the possible outcomes of our actions.

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2 thoughts on “Making love: A sign of love?

  1. i admire you for writing about such a taboo topic (well at least here in the philippines). i believe it comes with the modernize times… and people wanting to achieve self-satisfaction that’s why they take videos. but as they say, all our actions have consequences, so we must be prepared to live it up.

    • Wow really? Thank you! 🙂
      Yes it may be because of the satisfaction they get when they are taking videos and watching themselves doing it. And I agree with you. All our actions have consequences so we better think not only once, not also twice, but as many as we can until we are contented and we think we won’t have any regrets in the future 🙂

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