Choose Philippines!—or “Filipinas”?

It’s been hundreds of years that our country is known as the “Philippines” and there has been an argument whether to change it to “Filipinas”. Why only now?

The name “Philippines” was derived from the name of King Philip II of Spain in the 16th century. (Source: And now that we are in the 21st century, some people think that it is time to change the name of the country to “Filipinas”.


Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino (KWF) believes that “Filipinas” is better than the current name. The KWF came out with a resolution dated on the 12th of April stating about using “Filipinas” instead of “Philippines” as the official name of the country. Is this the right time to tackle about this issue? And, is the subject worth the attention of Filipinos? Well, I believe that there are many issues today that matters more than the “Filipinas” such as the natural calamities that struck the Philippines; or the conflict between China and Philippines for the West Philippine Sea; and it may also be the improper use of pork barrel of the government officials.


One question that keeps running in my mind is that, is it really necessary to change the name of the Philippines?  Especially now that we are known all over the world.

One problem I see if it’s been approved is the difficulty in pronunciation. Let’s face it, some of the Filipinos can’t pronounce “F” properly, some don’t even know it especially those who are not exposed to the English alphabet. Yes, we can’t do something about it when it’s been decided by the person in the position but there will always be a negative side. For example, even if we write “Filipinas”, if there’s a difficulty in the language of the person, they will end up saying “Pilipinas”. See? What’s the point of changing it if we (or some) Filipinos can’t pronounce it correctly. It’s just a shame if that happens.

Attorney Romulo Macalintal said in an interview with Gerry Baja that KWF’s resolution needs to undergo in a long process. “Kilala na tayo bilang Pilipinas, tingnan mo nalang ung Gilas. Diba nakalagay sa damit nila “Pilipinas?” He believes that a charter change (Cha-cha) is needed to be proclaimed before anything changes.


A rose will still be a rose no matter what it would be

One of my professors—Ms. Myriam Bacud, faculty of Centro Escolar University-School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music, and Social Work’s Social Science Department—believes that it will not be easily changed. It will take a very long time and needs to be studied deeply. “Hindi naman basta mapapalitan yan eh. It will not be changed overnight. May process dyan eh—there must be a law; there must be an executive order, or whatever.” She also thinks that it is not that important. “Like what Shakespeare said—a rose will still be a rose no matter what it would be.” She also said that she is not a pro or a con in the said resolution. She even added that it is okay if they will change it because there’s no big deal on it. “My point here is that, why make a fast on something na it is not yet doable at its best.”


To know more about what other people think, I asked some students these questions:

1. Are you aware of the issue about changing the name of the Philippines to Filipinas?

2. Do you agree? Why or why not?

3. Do you think it’s necessary to change the name?

4. How do you think will it affect the economy of the country? (in case it’s approved)

5. What is your stand on the issue?


ate darsh

Fine-Arts Graduate; now working in the Advertising field


A Legal Management Graduate and a first year Law student


3rd year Political Science student




Most of them think that it’s not necessary to change the name of the Philippines simply because it serves our identity. When it comes to economic status, some of them think that there will be no effect on the economy of the country.


People's insights about the issue


People’s insights about the issue

Photo taken from:

Personally, I don’t agree to change the name. Why? Simply because I think that “Philippines” is better. Like what others have already said, we are known as the “Philippines” and I think “Filipinas” is best for describing the Filipino women. Filipina women are called as Pilipina or in english, “Filipinas”. At first, I didn’t notice that it means that way, but when you said “Filipinas” it is possible that Filipino women will come first in the minds of people.

We are known as the “Philippines” for over the years and why would they change it NOW?

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