In The Shoes of an Unemployed Fresh Grad

Go to school. Get good grades. Get yourself a good job and make your dreams come true.

Yeah. That’s life. Well… Almost.

I’d like to think that getting a job after you graduate is easy as getting good grades in school but in reality, it’s really hard to find a job. Just like what Ryden Malby experienced. Her dream is to work in a Publishing Company. She’s so excited to get her feet off college and make her dream come true, but it seems that fate is not on her side.

I’m a college student who dreams of being a part of the number one Teen Magazine in the country one day. And just like Ryden, I’m so excited to finish my college years and head off to my ultimate dream job. To be honest, I always see myself sitting on a chair at my desk trying to figure out what article to write for the next issue of the magazine. But deep inside, I’m scared.

Behind those fantasies in my mind are doubts and uncertainties that my future might offer me. There are a lot of questions running in my head. What if they don’t like my work? What if they look at my resumé and found at that I didn’t come from the big four universities in the country? What if they reject me because of it? What if I didn’t get the job? What if my dream will be just a dream and stays as a dream? Full of “what ifs”

I know that we can’t avoid rejections in life because things will not always go according to our plans. But Ryden proved me wrong. Every dream is possible. We may not get it in the time we planned to but sooner or later, we will. We just have to be patient and work harder than we used to.

She is the brave girl I want to meet. Though failed at many times, she didn’t stop trying even with the simplest things she could do. And when her time came, it’s her dream that personally asked her to make it happen.

our fate

Ryden definitely knew what it feels like to be in the shoes of an unemployed fresh-grad but that doesn’t stop there. Dreams do come true and she made it happen.




4 thoughts on “In The Shoes of an Unemployed Fresh Grad

  1. Oh wow, I just recently posted about MY dream of being part of the #1 teen magazine in the country 😉

    I know it’s scary – we’re always wondering if we’re good enough. But it doesn’t matter what school you’re from if YOUR WORK is good. Practice, practice, practice! Keep writing. Push yourself further. Don’t go for ordinary work – challenge yourself to look for stories, or make the boring interesting and different. Be memorable. Create great work every. single. time. Every single practicie post/article/piece counts.

    Keep your chin up and work hard! We’re rooting for you!
    – Arriane

    • OMG! Is this for real or am I just dreaming?! I can’t believe that I’ll see you here Miss Arriane :O
      I read that post immediately the time I saw it on my mail. To be honest, I’m really happy to read that because we have the same dream :”>
      That’s what my professor always tell us, that we should always practice to be better. I admit that I’m not really a good writer but I know I will be, one day. And I strongly believe that practice makes perfect. I’m taking your comment as one of the inspirational thoughts I’ve read. Thank you for empowering not only me, but also those other girls who have dreams. Thank you for your wonderful and inspirational stories on your blog!

      Thank you so much Miss Arriane! It’s really a pleasure to read your comment 🙂 ♥

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