Be The Voice. Not The Echo

Someone told me to wait

But I think, I’ve waited long enough. Long enough to shatter my dreams; to break my heart.

I have a lot of questions in my head that I desperately want to answer . Am I good enough? Every time I ask this to my friends, I always get “of course you are!”. I don’t know if they’re saying it because it is true or just because they are my friends. Although it gives me lighter feeling to take me away from my darkest hours, still, a part of me is not convinced. 

Where am I good at? To be honest, this question kills me every now and then because I still don’t know the things I am good at. I’m sure that I can do something but I am not sure if I can do well in those things.


Photo from Tumblr

I’ve been living behind someone’s back. I am tired of being the shadow. I want to be the voice, not the echo. I have a lot of insecurities. Maybe if I can’t get rid of my insecurities, I will be like this in my entire life.

The point of sharing this to you is to let my feelings out; to express what I can’t express to the people I see everyday. If I want to stand out in a crowd, I have to be the best of what I can be. The picture above inspired me to speak out when not heard; to be stronger in times I’m weak; and to stand up when down.

I may not have the greatest achievements today, but in time, I know it will land on my hands. I know that we are all good in different ways. I know that we have our own expertise. And I know that we can be the best among the rest. I will wait until that time comes.

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