Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

This is so late to post but it’s never too late. Huh? What ami I saying? Hahaha

This time, I’m going to feature Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. I’ve been here two times already and even if I come back here everyday, I’ll never get used to the foods they serve. They are just too good to be resisted.

Vanilla Iced Tea

Apple Iced Tea

IMG_1249 IMG_1250 2

Country Breakfast

IMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1258 IMG_1259

I didn’t get to take a picture of their Cheesy Ham and Cheese Melt. Oh boy it’s so good! The cheese really melts in my mouth.

VCB will forever have a special space in my tummy and if it seems that it’s too full, I’ll make room for it.


14Four Cafe

It’s been so long that I wanted to visit this place after I watched it on TV. Those sumptuous meals shown made me crave for this. And finally, I got to visit 14Four Cafe. At last! Actually, I’ve been here two times already. The first time was when I’m with my boyfriend and the second was when I’m with my boyfriend (again), his mom, my mom, our mom’s friend, and my sister.

14 Four Tapa

This is one of their best-sellersI love how it tastes but one thing I dealt was, it’s hard to chew, not like other tapas.
IMG_0553 3 IMG_0555 2

Country Fried Chicken

I’ve never tasted chicken like this before. It’s soooo good!

IMG_1554 IMG_0558 2 IMG_0562 2

Aligue and Tuyo Pasta

This is one of the dishes I wanted to try since I read many reviews that this is good. Well, to be honest, I didn’t like the pasta. (please don’t get mad at me 14Four Cafe) maybe it’s not just my type. I’m not a seafood lover. I guess I didn’t get what I expected. But my boyfriend loves it!

Sesame Crusted Dory

If only I had the chance not to try it, I wouldn’t. I really didn’t like this. But like what I said, I’m not a fan of seafood so it’s really not my taste. And I don’t like cucumber, maybe that’s why I didn’t eat it lol. Although, my mom and her friends loved it.


Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

Time for dessert! And yes, I loved it!

Amaretto French Toast

Oh m gee! This has got to be my favorite of all! I love it to bits! Enough said

IMG_1614 IMG_1660 IMG_1804

And the first thing and main reason I fell in love with the café is the place itself! It’s like a hidden paradise perfect for a getaway. I’ll definitely go back here.

What’s Happiness?

I’d almost believe that I can be happy all by myself. With no one beside me, I thought that I’m gonna be fine. Well, I can still be happy with just myself but I realized that I could be more and completely happy with other people.

To be honest, I wasn’t excited that day. I don’t know why, maybe because I still had that post-traumatic stress disorder (LOL) I had on my debut last December 12, 2012. HahahaDSC04118 2

My boyfriend and I ate at the Holy Cow! and we ordered Country’s Pride Parmesan Chicken and New York Cheese Cake. Boy it’s so good, definitely a must try.


Lo and behold… my dream cake! *shrieks* when I saw this cake online, I was like OMG I love it! Super! I want it so bad. But the bakeshop is nowhere to found near our place. Gladly, they opened one at SM Megamall and there my hope is. Hahaha. I was really surprised when I saw him in front of our school’s gate holding a green box, that, I know what it is. I even slapped his arm a million times (okay, I know I’m over-reacting haha. Just several times) because of excitement. I can’t even shut up 😀 though I know I was hesitant to taste it at first because when my Aunt gave us a cake from the same bakeshop, it tastes like… I’ll just leave it for you to guess. Like what they said, do not judge a book by its cover. Still, I gave it a try.He gave it to me that’s why it’s so special and to my surprise (yeah another surprise) it tastes even better.

DSC04131 2 DSC04183 3


1. Beautiful box. When we went to the mall, we passed by a stall full of Hello Kitty products, which means, everything is pink! Hahaha. And then I saw a beautiful box and I said “that box is perfect as a gift already even without something inside”.

2. Notebook. In case you haven’t noticed, I really love to write. Especially when I was little, but now, I don’t see myself writing stuffs even I want to. And he said that if I’m inspired to write something or have ideas that make me want to write, I should put it in that notebook.

3. Our picture. What more should I treasure than this? Enough said.

4. Key chain with my name. It’s kinda odd but the key chain has no story. While he was looking for the bakeshop where my dream cake could be bought, he passed by a stall of key chains that you can personalized and thought of giving me one. He finds it cute.

5. Box of Love quotes. I don’t know what would I feel, happiness or sadness. Why? Because he’s going back to LA, for good. It’s gonna be hard for us because it’s a long distance relationship but even some people don’t believe in LDR, I do. I really do, though it hurts like your heart’s being crushed everyday, as long as there’s love and trust then everything will be fine. He said if he’s in LA already and I miss him so bad, he wants me to read the quotes in the box and imagine that he’s the one saying it.

6. My new instax camera. Like what I’ve said, I wasn’t excited of my birthday. I was not expecting too much. But this is one of the reasons why I am jumping with my ears clapping. Hahaha okay I know it’s too much but that’s how I can express my feelings that time. This is my dream camera, aside from the DSLR of course. I’ve wanted this since I was a kid. And now, I have it on my hands. Thanks to my mom!

7. Headband, ribbon clip, and a sketch of myself. All of these are from my best friend, Ana. It’s so nice and sweet of her to give me these cute stuffs. She really knows what I want. For your information, I really love headbands and ribbons. But what I didn’t expect was the sketch. She showed me her drawings and asked if her drawings looked like the person itself, one of those was her sister and I said “not really” and then I saw this sketch and said “Oh this one looks like more of her” and she said “It’s not her, it’s you!” and I was like “OMG” hahaha. I really felt ashamed of what I said.

DSC04175 DSC04121 2

To end this, Here are the pictures taken from my instax camera. My family and my boyfriend ♥

What makes it more special are the people who are willing to spend their time just for you.

Happiness is not about the things we receive from others or the compliments they give us. Happiness is about appreciating every little thing in the world. Those are the little things that we cannot touch but we can hold for a lifetime.

Chef’s Quarter

One thing I notice about Restaurants is that they have their own taglines. For today’s post, I will share you my great experience in Chef’s Quarter.

We celebrated my father’s 55th birthday in this restaurant and I would say that it’s one hec of a grand restaurant that will serve you impeccably delicious foods! Did I just use the word “impeccably” to describe it? I think I did! The reason I did that is the foods they serve taste like heaven. Now that I’ve met you, you’re one of the Top of the list of my favorite Restos in Manila.

Their dishes are a bit pricey but you will not regret on giving your wallet a general cleaning. Hahaha. As what I’ve said before, each restaurant has their tagline and I was not surprised to see Chef Quarter’s tagline: “A Family Restaurant where the only thing expensive is your taste”— ’cause what’s stated there will satisfy you.

When it comes to the interior design, I really loved it. Another thing I loved here is that the service crews are the best! They are very approachable, hospitable, and friendly. Those are enough reasons for me to come back.

You must visit them and try it yourself! Chef’s Quarter has a branch at SM Megamall.

DSC00165 2DSC00167 2DSC00198 2


Roasted Chicken

Their roasted chicken is the best! Tastes like heaven. Ooh La La!

DSC00170 2DSC00171 2

Fish and Chips

One of the best fish fillets I’ve ever tasted!

DSC00172 2DSC00180 2DSC00181 2DSC00187 2DSC00188 2

I don’t have a picture of their Lemonade. It’s very citrus-y and yummy!

Mango Shake

And this shake is just too refreshing. Perfect for summer

DSC00189 2DSC00190 2

Homemade Tempura





It’s been quite a long time since i last updated this blog. I know I haven’t been posting here so to my readers, I’m so sorry. I’ve been busy with school works and other matters. Now that I have time to post (finally! haha), I want to share with you what I did this afternoon. I cooked Tempura for lunch.

Every time my mom and dad buy shrimp at the market, it is always expected that I am going to cook the dish. May it be tempura, Nilasing na hipon, or other shrimp dishes, I’m the one who will cook it. Hahahaha! 🙂 I am so overwhelmed with the fact that they really liked what I’ve cooked for them 🙂 So here are the photos I took.

Dinner at Luk Yuen

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I had so much fun with my mom and little sister. Unfortunately, my dad wasn’t able to come because of his overloading work 😦 I’m so happy that I had to buy some clothes yesterday. Oh my! I love going to Greenhills! It’s like you’re in a fashion haven with little prices waiting for you.

We ate at Luk Yuen in Greenhills.

Here’s what my sister ordered: FISH BENTO

I tried the fish fillet and it was so good! And the quail egg siomai, delicious!

Beef with Kangkong

My mom and I shared with this dish. The serving is so big that 4 persons can finish it all. But like what I’ve said earlier, my dad wasn’t with us so we’re only three and we can’t eat this all :O

Yang Chow

The serving is also big for a two person. It’s good!

I don’t know what dish is this. Haha but it tastes good. Sweet. With monggo filling

Look at this picture. Too bad the focus was not on the quail egg siomai 😦 The focus was on the sweet dish on the upper right corner.

I absolutely love their mango juice!

And their Iced Tea. It’s so refreshing!

Give sweets for Mommy!

Last June 12, 2012, we didn’t just celebrate our country’s Independence Day but we also celebrated my Mom’s advanced birthday celebration. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s my post about it 🙂

And what I’ve posted today is the actual celebration of her birthday. Because its Wednesday (June 13,2012), we went to Baclaran Church to attend a Novena Mass. Going to Baclaran every Wednesday is a must for us especially if it’s first Wednesday of the month. Filipinos have this tradition/belief about it. So after the Novena Mass, we ate at the nearest Restaurant there which is what we preferred more compared to other restaurants there– Max’s. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before.

The actual plan was to eat at SM Megamall to have more choices but the time is running fast that it’s late in the evening already. My mom,sister, and I have school the next day so we need to get home early and we ended up eating there. Here’s the desserts that we ordered:

This is a brownie with vanilla ice cream and stick-o on top. I forgot the name of this. Sorry.

This dessert is one that you couldn’t resist especially if you’re a sweet lover! I’m not a fan of sweets but i liked it!

Leche Flan

Buko Pandan Regular

This is my favorite! Ube Creme Decadence

Like what I’ve said earlier, I’m not a fan of sweets but this dessert made my tummy happy! 🙂 The taste is so good! I love how the sweetness and other flavors balanced each other. A definitely must try!