How it Feels Like Being Lost Again

For the longest time, I thought I’m way past behind my insecurities in life goals. I left my first job because I thought, it’s making me hate myself for being stuck there when in fact, I was at the floor of my “dream job.” Now, I am here in the same field but in a different perspective which I didn’t expect I’d be in because number one, news is not my thing. I don’t care what or who I am in the company. I felt secure. I felt contented. I felt happy. I felt sure.


And as I am typing this, this is the first time in few months that I felt lost again. Being left out. Not with the people I am with now, but with life itself. Because of that one post I saw, it reminded me of how it feels like to be lost and down again. It feels like there’s a huge baggage at your back trying to push you down whenever you attempt to lift it up.


I realized, the thing about achievements is being self-fulfilled and contented with what you did, do and will do even if you think others are getting ahead of you; way faster than you do. I told myself: “know this, no matter how long it took you to get that dream, the most important thing is that you will get there.”


Making love: A sign of love?

Even you’re head over heels in love with your partner, is it really necessary to engage in sex? Do you honestly believe that making love is a sign of love?

Sex is normal to couples. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you’re wearing the best protection—a wedding ring. Yes, it is true that making love is a sign of love because for two persons who are very much in love with each other, they tend to show their love and affection through it. Some even say that love can’t be expressed by words only that’s why they express it intimately.

In this generation, teens and young adults may be predominantly Catholic, but chances are, the concepts of sex and intimacy are no longer off-limits to them. But what really makes people give up their virginity? Is it really the love or just the lust?

Maria, 22, said that “we both didn’t consider it as just sex. For us, it was love-making. It was a beautiful thing for both of us because we trusted each other completely. To this day, we’re still together”.  While Aaron, 20, said that “we both thought about it for a really long time. We didn’t pressure each other. We felt that the other person was special enough to be worthy of sharing our first time with. You can’t regret an experience that was happy.” To sum it up, the two persons think that it was love for their partners that made them do it. (Source: Candy Magazine, January-February 2011 issue)

Is love enough to be the reason why you’d be willing to give up your virginity? I guess, no because that love can make or break you. Yes you feel the assurance with your partner but that moment can wait, right? If you truly believe that you’d want to do it with your partner, then all you have to do is wait for the right moment for it to be perfect.

But when is the right moment? For some people, they believe that the right age to engage in that activity is above 21, but I say, the right moment is when you are already married.

Engaging in such activity at a wrong time may lead you to regrets. Like what I’ve said earlier, love can either make or break you.

Recently, there has been an issue that struck the Filipinos—Parokya Ni Edgar’s lead vocalist, Chito Miranda was involved in a scandal with his girlfriend Neri Naig (also an actress and was part of the Star Circle Quest of ABS-CBN in 2004). The video became viral as it spreads instantly. Chito have already apologized publicly. He said that he’s sorry for what had happened because of the leakage of their private video. He also said that someone stole his hard drive and put their video online. They’ve been a victim of cyber-bullying. Because the Filipino netizens are very sensitive and reactive, some gave their violent reactions online, but some also showed their support.

A post of Chito Miranda on their band’s (Parokya Ni Edgar) Facebook Fan Page saying “Di niyo kami matitinag”

Fans of PNE, especially Chito Miranda’s supporters showed their endless support and love for him

Fans of PNE, especially Chito Miranda’s supporters showed their endless support and love for him

Pictures taken from:

I have nothing against Chito but I think what they did was wrong. I don’t understand why people need to video their private intercourse. Some psychologists say that there are people who find satisfaction when they see themselves doing such and I think, that explains why they have to take a video of it.

Parokya Ni Edgar has been in the industry for more than a decade and they have contributed a lot when it comes to music. The issue really affected the band but like what Chito said “Buti nalang walang iwanan sa Parokya.” I believe that this one issue should not be a reason to judge Chito and Neri. They have already received many criticisms because of what happened but to say something harsh and below the belt? I think it shouldn’t be tolerated.

In the Philippine showbiz industry, this is not the first time that something like this happened. If you’d remember, Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili were also involved in a scandal issue that led them to court cases. But now, look at them, they are both already moved on. Katrina is happy with her partner, Kris Lawrence, and their baby.

According to some experts, for them to avoid this kind of issue, they should not do it in the first place because, if there’s no video, then there would be no scandal. But if they really can’t help it, they should secure their things properly.

We can’t stop struggles come in our lives but I know it will end and time will heal it. Every person should be accountable on what he or she is doing. Before we do something, we should think twice and know the possible outcomes of our actions.

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Is it Wrong to be Right?

What would you do if you’re stuck in a situation where being right means wrong to someone?

There has been an argument about the privileges of senior citizen in every service they want. Here in the Philippines, there’s a law stating that every senior citizen must accommodate a 20% discount on services such as in food chains, transportation, etc.

A senior citizen waiting for her purchased medicine in a drugstore

A senior citizen waiting for her purchased medicine in a drugstore

Photo source

Romulo Macalintal– a well-known lawyer in the Philippines

Photo source

If you’re familiar with the issue about Romulo Macalintal– a well-known lawyer in the Philippines— then you’re head would probably heat up. A restaurant where Macalintal and his wife went at, ignored the senior citizen act  that made him incensed.


This is not the very first time that a senior citizen experienced this kind of treatment. I’m sure there are lots of aged people who have experienced it too. But because Macalintal is a political figure, he is brave enough to complain this in front of the whole Philippine nation.


Actually, there is nothing wrong with what he did because he is right. In fact, it is truly, madly, and deeply right. Macalintal served as the voice of many senior citizens who were in the same place as his before. This is the time that the government officials should be more aware of what’s happening around them. Or, maybe the government officials know about it but don’t do something? It could be the case, but why? Why will they enforce a law and not punish those who disobey them.


It is very unfair for a senior citizen to be treated that way. Who would want to feel that anyway? To be honest, I am very happy that the restaurant owners where put into their place. Now I can say “Buti nga sa kanila. Nakahanap sila ng katapat”.

There are many restaurants that don’t recognize such law, even some PUV drivers and conductors, especially the jeepney drivers.


Personally, I have already experienced that several times already. Aside from senior citizens, there are also discounts for students like me, and that includes transportation fares.


There was this one day when I witnessed an incident where a college student complained that some dispatchers in Morayta are not allowing them to have a student discount because it’s Saturday. When he’s asked by the dispatcher to give another peso and said that they still have a student discount even in Saturdays and Sundays, the dispatcher said, “Walang discount ‘pag Sabado”.


Recently, there’s a debate whether to give 20% discount for students and senior citizens in weekends. Jeepney drivers were against it because there are oil price hike of at least every month. But the House of the Representatives decided to make the House Bill No. 90, authored by Senator Juan Edgardo Angara when he was still a Congressman (Lone District, Aurora), explaining that students must receive 20% discount not only during school days but also during Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas vacation, and other holidays during a school year.

But it turned out that some dispatchers are not aware of it, or worst, ignoring it.

Visit this site to see this article. PS. it’s still me who wrote it 🙂

#Pray For The Philippines

(Got this picture from Ms. Kryz Uy’s Blog)

As you would all know, our country (Philippines) is suffering from a disaster brought by the “Hanging Habagat”. It is not a typhoon, yet, it brought so much damage to every corner of the country especially the capital of the Philippines which is Manila– where all the major and big Universities are located.

Classes were suspended since Monday until now and we’re not sure if until when will it be suspended. According to the news, 90% of Manila is flooded. And for your information, not only Manila is suffering from this.

Quezon City, Marikina City, the provinces of Rizal, Laguna, Batangas, etc. were lso affected by the shallow low pressure area.

To think that we reside in Rizal, we are lucky that we are not suffering from floods and everything. We are experiencing heavy rain and strong wind, but still, I’m thankful.


My friends in Manila were affected also and they were stranded in some places but I’m glad that they are now at their respective dorms.

I want to ask you to please pray for the Philippines. We badly need your help and prayers. There are families who need some donations and if you could just give and share a little donation, Filipinos will be thankful for it. Please help those who are in need.

These are the Foundations I know that you can contact:

(GMA) KAPUSO FOUNDATION: 928-9351 and 928-4299.

ABS-CBN FOUNDATION/ SAGIP KAPAMILYA: (+632) 758 – 1000; 758 – 1442

Luwalhati ng Maynila Boys Town Complex

Yesterday, July 29, 2012, we went to visit in a boys town and home for the aged in Marikina, City to do an Outreach Program. That was my very first time to go in that kind of place and to participate in the outreach program.

When we got there, honestly, I felt irritated because of the bad weather and the mud on the ground. But when I saw the people that live there, I felt so guilty for being such an arrogant person.

Here are some of the LOLOs and LOLAs that we met and accompany there.

If you watched Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 (the batch of Pamu, Divine, Paco, Biggel, Tin Patrimonio, Slater Young, etc.), you could remember this couple 🙂 I forgot their names. Hahaha but you can search it on the internet. They’re like teenagers :”>

The hippie and fashionable LOLAs

This is Lolo Ben Dela Cruz.

He said that he came from Tondo, Manila. I was so touched by his story and felt bad because he said that his child was the one who brought him there. His relatives seem not to care about him now, why? Because if they still cared, they would have found him and get him out from the boys town. He really wants to go home and see his family but it’s so complicated for that to be possible. When our facilitator asked each of them what their prayers/petitions were, he didn’t say any because he said that if he mentions one, he’ll just cry 😥

If you know him or at least familiar of his face, please tell his family about him

Lolo BEN DELA CRUZ, 42 years old, from Tondo Manila

This is Lola Natividad. She said that she came from Bohol, far from Manila right? And we wondered how she got there. She is so nice. We chatted most of the time and that I knew she was single and the only relative she mentioned to me is her brother in Mindanao.

She was the one who asked the Social Welfare to get her because her boss at her work wasn’t treating her well. And that’s why she’s at the boys town now.

She said she wanted to see her family and relatives. All she wants is that for her relatives to know that she is there.


And the last one is Mrs. Mendoza. I was shocked when I heard that she is only 42 years old! She is so young to be there. My mother is older than her.

She said that she’s from Cebu and went to Manila to find a job that’ll support their family. She once had a stall at Divisoria. But the DSWD caught her sleeping at the streets that’s why she is there now. Like Lolo Ben, when we asked her petitions, she didn’t want to tell one because she’ll just cry. But she whispered to my classmate that all she wants is to get out of there and see her family. The problem is, she needs 500,00 pesos in order for her to go back to her family. I didn’t know that going out of the boys town will cost too much– honestly, I didn’t know that the elders need to pay before going out.  She said that “Ayokong magsalita kasi maiiyak lang ako. Hindi alam ng pamilya ko na nandito ako kaya nga suma-sideline ako ng laba para makaipon. Pero mukhang imposible na makaipon akong 500,000 sa paglalaba lang. Ang alam nila nagtatrabaho ako sa Maynila tapos malalaman lang nila na nandito ako ngayon”.

Translating that, her family still doesn’t know that she is there. They know that she is working in Manila. And she needs 500,000 pesos to get out there. Honestly, I don’t know why they need to pay such amount for them to be with their families. What are they, criminals? (If this is true)

 Mrs. JEAN/JANE MENDOZA, 42 years old, CEBU

PS. The information about the bailing amount didn’t come from me. The woman told that to us. Maybe she meant that she needs to earn that amount before she goes back to her family, for her transportation and other expenses she’ll need. Or maybe she wasn’t aware of what she had mentioned about the money.

White Glue: Used as blackhead remover.

Spending too much on dermatology clinics just to get rid of those blackheads? Well guess what? I have discovered a new treatment for it that won’t cost too much! You can even find it in your children’s room.

As I was watching the latest episode of “The Doctors” on lifestyle channel, they showed a new home remedy for all those who have problems with their blackheads. And that is white glue. Yes, you can’t believe it huh? Me too! But they demonstrated it, and guess what? It worked! I’m so glad that they featured that topic because I know, many people, especially girls, are having problem with their blackheads and this is the right answer for it. If you want to know and see the results, try it at home! (I’ll try it later) 🙂

Why do we have to stop acts against nature?

Recently, Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental, Philippines was hit by Typhoon Sendong that destroyed a lot of properties and killed many lives.
Cagayan De Oro is known for its beautiful scenery and places to see. But now, they’ve lost the beauty of the place, the tourists spots were damaged.

Hindi lang ang mga magagandang lugar na nasira ang ikinalulungkot nila, pati na rin ang mga buhay na nawala dahil sa mga pangyayari. Typhoon Sendong attacked late in the evening so the people are not that aware and not well prepared. And it’s very hard to fight the water (flood) without seeing where it was going.

This is all because of the nature destroyers! Yes! They are the loggers– may it be legal or illegal. If they don’t have to abolish the trees in the forest, this won’t happen. Though it may happen but not serious as this much.

I hate to say this, but they are not the only one who has fault. Even the people that live there. According to some Government Officials, they were advised by them earlier,before the incident happened, that they have to move out of the place to avoid serious damages. But being so sentimental and giving much importance to their properties, they can’t leave the place.
What we should do by now to avoid this kind of incident, we need to take care of our Mother Nature. Give importance, not only to money and other things but also to the environment. There will be a lot of typhoons and other calamities coming so we better be prepared.

Remember, it’s better to prevent than to cure.