Promise (?)

I thought being fooled hurts more.

More than I could ever imagined,

if it’s the one you really love does it.

Every promise he makes gives me peace of my mind.

He said he loves me and I believe it.

Still I am.

After all the heartaches I’ve been through,

I thought trusting AGAIN is harder

Harder than I thought of not being trusted.

But I was wrong.

I’ve made mistakes before,

I used someone for my benefits, so as for my friends.

But that’s because that someone hurt me.


I asked “you think I can do it to you?”


Oh damn it hurts so bad.

But I asked again, hoping I heard wrong.

“I said yes!”

The way your eyes looked at me last night,

Feels like what you’ve said is the truth.

It’s as if my heart is tormented

every single moment I remember those words.

You said what we had was a misunderstanding

and you didn’t mean to say that.

I still wanted to believe in your promise

but something in me keeps me away from believing.

I’d take all the torture it could give me

If I am guilty.

But I’m not.

I didn’t use you, okay?

Nor will I ever use you

Even if you’ll do what was done to me before.

You know why?

Because I love you.


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